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Product Information

Resiment Ready-Mix Standard BIS-GMA self-curing resin cement
Resiment Ready-Mix Fluoride  BIS-GMA self-curing resin cement

J.L. Blosser Inc., manufacturer of the Resiment two syringe composite resin cement product has expanded this line to offer a new auto-mix delivery system containing the original Resiment in both standard and fluoride formulations.

Resiment Ready-Mix Standard and Resiment Ready-Mix Fluoride are permanent BIS-GMA self-curing resin cements for most cementation needs. Resiment Cements can be used for the final cementation of crowns, bridges, implant prosthesis, inlays and onlays, Maryland bridges, pins and posts. Resiment is designed to be easy to use and cost effective for your office.

Resiment Ready-Mix Std and Fl

Why Use Resiment Ready-Mix

  • Resiment Ready-Mix is an auto-curing, filled, multi-purpose cement.
  • Enjoy the convenience of an auto-mix delivery system,
  • It can be used for final cementation of Implant Prostheses, Bridges, Crowns, Inlays, Maryland Bridges, Cementation of Pins, Posts, Pit and Fissure Sealant and Periodontal Splinting.
  • Great for short clinical crowns.
  • Can be used on Dentin, Enamel, Composite, or Metal.
  • Available in fluoride releasing and standard formulas.
  • Resiment is the cement of choice for many implant clinicians and is recommended by implant companies.


Tensile strength
Compressive strength
Film thickness  
Water solubility

41 MPa (5,920 psi)
208 MPa (30,135 psi)
45 µ

Working and Setting Time
Working Time is approximately 1 minutes at 22 degrees C / 72 degrees F Room Temperature.
Final Setting Time is approximately 3 minutes at 37 degrees C / 98 degrees F Body Temperature.

Warm intraoral environment will accelerate working and setting times.  The cement will set quickly when it comes in contact with primers on the tooth



Resiment Ready-Mix Standard and Resiment Ready-Mix Fluoride are presented in a Kit format. Each kit contains:

  • 1 Automix syringe containing 10 grams of material in total
  • 15 mixing tips ( bulk packages of 50 tips are also available)

Specify formulation and delivery system when ordering

Item Description
Resiment Ready-Mix Standard
$ 124.95
RRM-FL Resiment Ready-Mix Fluoride
$ 128.60
RRMT-50 Resiment Mixing Tips (Bulk package of 50)
$ 41.00
Technical Information
Directions For Use

Initial Preparation of Dual Barrel Syringe

As with all Automix dual barrel delivery systems, it is important to check for homogeneous and simultaneous expression of both base and catalyst components from their respective syringe orifice. Prior to initial use, remove cap from the unused syringe and slowly and evenly depress the plunger until equal portions of the base and catalyst components are expressed evenly and simultaneously from their respective openings at the end of the double barrel. The system is now ready to be used.

Secure the mixing tip onto the bayonet fixture of the Double Barrel Syringe. Be sure to align the notch of the mixing tip with the groove on the attachment fixture of the syringe. Give the tip a quarter turn to the right to secure the tip in place. After use, dispose of the used mixing tip and be sure to replace with the original cap locked into place. If the cap is misplaced, an unused mixing tip can be left on the syringe until the next use. Do Not leave the syringe barrel openings exposed for prolong periods or during storage. Be careful not to cross-contaminate base and catalyst components at attachment openings.

Ceramic Restorations To Teeth

When ready for use, attach unused Ready-Mix tip to syringe:

  • After try-in, place etched ceramic restoration in acetone or ethanol in ultrasonic cleaner for 1-2 minutes.
  • Place silane coupling agent on internal surface of porcelain restoration.
  • Acid etch (Per manufacturers instructions) or clean smear layer of tooth with non-fluoridated prophy paste or flour of pumice.
  • Use enamel and dentin bonding system of your choice to prepare tooth for bonding.
  • Attach unused Resiment Ready-Mix Tip to syringe and insure equal mixture.
  • Seat restoration in place on tooth and hold in place until Resiment reaches initial set. (Approx. 1.5 minutes.)
  • Remove excess cement IMMEDIATELY after initial set using explorer, scaler, or brush. Do not wait until final set (3.5 minutes) to remove excess cement.

Metal To Metal

Metal to metal restorations (implant prosthesis or crown on post).

  • Use an air abrasive system (sandblasting) on all external metal surfaces to be exposed to Resiment. Intraoral metal should be roughened by a bur or a micro-etcher.
  • If desired, apply a metal priming system of your choice to treat the metal exposed to Resiment .
  • Clean posts or abutments with non-fluoridated pumice prior to cementation to remove any debris from the surface.
  • Attach unused Resiment Read- Mix tip to syringe and inject Resiment into restoration. Be sure not to trap any air bubbles.
  • Seat restoration in place on tooth and hold in place until Resiment reaches initial set. (Approx. 1.5 minutes)
  • Remove excess cement IMMEDIATELY after initial set using explorer, scaler, or brush. Do not wait until final set (3.5 minutes) to remove excess cement

STORAGE:  Store at room temperature (20ºC/68ºF-25ºC/77ºF).

PRECAUTIONS: Uncured resins may cause skin sensitizations in susceptible persons. In case of contact, wash skin with soap and water.

WARRANTY: J.L. Blosser, Inc. recognizes its responsibility to replace products if proven to be defective. J.L. Blosser, Inc. does not accept liability for any damage or loss, either direct or consequential, stemming from the use or inability to use the products as described. Before using, it is the responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of the product for its intended use. The user assumes all risk and liability in connection therewith.

CAUTION: U.S. Federal Law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a dental professional.

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The current Material Safety Data Sheets for Resiment Ready-Mix Standard and Resiment Ready-Mix Fluoride are available here
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